I’ve been working on the homework from the SITS 31 days to build a better blog (You can join in too).  One of the challenges inspired me to create a guest post series.

If your a blogger, or even just want to write a blog post, I need you. You don’t have to be a vegan or vegetarian, but your post will have to address the food philosophy.  


So here’s a scenario: your favorite cousin is coming to visit after a long absence.  She’s been living in a foreign country and you can’t wait to see her and her new fiancé.  As you plan to have her over to dinner, she mentions that her fiancé is a lifelong vegan.  You love your cousin and want to impress her prince charming.

What do you serve them?

In your guest post you can:

  • Link to all your favorite vegan recipes on your blog
  • Come up with a recipe specifically for the guest post
  • Link to recipes you’ve coveted on the web
  • Write about how your family would feel about eating vegan with the guest
  • Review a restaurant you would take them to
  • Write about how hopeless you would be because you have no idea what vegans can eat

I would love to have a cross-section of different kinds of people write posts.  Omnivores, flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans, raw-foodists I would love to hear from all of you.

If you want to participate, shoot me an e-mail at sometimesiveg@gmail.com.   Let me know when you think you could have the post ready by.  If I get deluged, I plan on running them once a week.  Hopefully some of you wonderful creative people will feel inspired enough to want to participate!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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13 Responses to What I would feed a Vegan… (A call for Guest Bloggers)

  1. Great idea Miriam! It’s something we all deal with whether it be our own diet or trying to accommodate someone else’s with respect and great flavor. I have had a quite a few recent experiences I could share.

  2. I would love to write a post for you, this sounds like fun.

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  6. I’d love to do a guest post. Let me know what you need. :)

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