I don’t often blog about other people’s recipes.  First I’m not usually great at following recipes word for word.  Second, if I’m making someone else’s recipe it’s usually because I’m in too much of a hurry to experiment. So I don’t have time to do everything else required to blog about a recipe. Third, I want to do a good job when I’m writing about someone else’s recipe.  Especially when I admire that person.

But these cookies were so good that I had to write a post in tribute.  I challenge you to try these cookies, there’s no way you can tell that they are vegan.


I had seen the recipe earlier in December.  But I didn’t have time to prepare sweet potato so I put it in a mental to do list.  You know the list that I never get around to.  Then after Christmas I found myself with two kinds of leftovers, cranberries and sweet potato.  I decided to try Sandra’s recipe.


I made a couple minor modifications.  I reduced the salt by half, only used 1 cup of cranberries and put in a whole cup of chocolate chips.  I loved the combination of the tart cranberries with the chocolate chips.


And the cranberries add such a beautiful festive color to the cookies too.  Among their many virtues, these are pretty cookies.

As for the sweet potato, if you are nervous, I’m not sure you can even taste it.  In this vegan recipe, the sweet potato puree mostly works as an egg replacer.  The vegan butter keeps these cookies as soft as normal butter would.


And you know what the best part of vegan cookies is?  You can eat the batter as much as you want.  I’m actually surprised that I got a full 5 dozen cookies.


So be sure to go to Vegan Mother Hubbard and try out her Cranberry Sweet Potato Cookies.  She’s got lots of other wonderful vegan recipes too as well as adorable stories about raising twin girls vegan style.


By the way, I love these cookies enough that I’ve had to hide them.  I’m brining them to a work function on Friday… if they survive that long.

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