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Toddlers are a joy, toddlers are a constant challenge, toddlers like to send their parents into panic attacks.

Take for example, earlier this week.  Hubby was dropping the dog off at the groomer’s so I was flying solo on our morning routine.  To keep the peace, I let little A play with my car keys.  To be fair, she stole them, I decided to avoid her rage and use another set of keys in my purse.

In my rush I threw our bags in the passenger seat, closed the door and set her up in her toddler driving recliner (also known as a car seat).  She was happily jangling the keys away as I shut the door to walk around to my side of the car.


Insert slow motion realization that my keys are in my purse, now in the front seat.

Click, beep

And my cell phone

Click, beep

And my AAA card.

Click, beep, click, beep, click, beep, click, beep, click, beep…

Someone learned that pressing the lock button, makes the car honk.  This was clearly the best morning of her life. She was having a blast.

I was counting my lucky stars that it was a unseasonably mild day outside.

And hoping that she wouldn’t chuck the keys when she was bored.

I went over to try to reason with her “Honey, you know what’s fun?  The other button”

Beaming happy smile Click, beep. Giggling happy baby Click, beep

I start trying to come up with my limited options.  I can’t leave her in the locked car unattended.  Do I flag someone driving down the road down? Do I run as fast as I can to the house phone to call my husband? Do I stand in the driveway petrified of my error in purse placement?


Wait was that the sound of the car unlocking?  I sprinted to the other side and grabbed the door before she realized the other button didn’t make the car honk.


Silly little trickster.  I’ve learned my lesson.

Toddler- 159 Mom – maybe 3?

Last week I was invited to a co-workers going away party at a local wine bar.  I’m not a big drinker so I checked out the menu before agreeing to spending some time away from the munchkin.  I was surprised to find a dedicated Vegan menu.  The place wasn’t even on VegGuide (I fixed it).

I debated whether to get the truffle spaghetti, the vegan pizza, the three bean chili or the grilled eggplant stack. I still had not made up my mind when we got to the restaurant.

The restaurant has an elegant vibe to it. It would be a great place for a date or a business meeting.  Certainly not where I would bring a rambunctious toddler.

As my co-workers ordered wine from a huge wine menu I ordered the following.

Pan Roasted Zucchini “Scallops” –
With Mushroom Risotto, Roasted Red Pepper Coulis, Fresh Basil Pesto and Balsamic Reduction

I wasn’t sure what to expect.  How exciting!  The waitress brought out some roasted pita triangles with hummus, tabbouleh and olive bruschetta as dip.  It was delicious, the doc control manager and I ate in between comments of how good it was.

Then my entree came out. I was floored (and my cell was dead so this picture came from a coworker’s phone).


Not only was the dish beautifully plated but there were so many wonderful flavors playing on my tongue.

I was really impressed by the zucchini scallops.  They were actually cut, peeled and slightly cooked rounds of zucchini.

I will have to return next time co-workers ask me out. 

Shortly after Little A turned one I started running again.  I promptly fell off a treadmill breaking my rotator cuff and spent a few more months on the sidelines letting it heal (I just started PT for it… oops).

Then I got my own treadmill for Christmas.  Approximately 77 miles later it hasn’t tried to kill me and this time the running is sticking.   I’ve done a couple snowshoe races,  a 5k and a half marathon in 2014. 

On weekends Little A and I sometimes take her naps “to go” and I slog behind her pushing the stroller. How am I supposed to “veg” in conditions like this.

Advantages do include the sensation that I’m incredibly fast when I run without the stroller and a pretty happy kid.

Disadvantage: the running stroller is where she wants to nap on weekends now.  Last weekend I ran for over an hour on tired legs because she was too good for the crib.


Now she seems to show an interest in being a little copy cat.  The other day she was running around the living room in her interpretation of sneakers – two gift boxes.


When gift box running didn’t take off as the new fitness craze, she caved and tried on a pair of daddy’s shoes. 


We had to take a video of the mechanics of walking that way. She was very proud of herself.

Currently I’m training for a faster half marathon time.  She’s training for her first toddler dash in April.  She’ll be days from turning 18 months old, we think she has a shot at winning her age group.

And if she doesn’t, at least she’ll look fast doing it.


Got to run.